Species:   COELOPHYSIS Juvenile
Age: Early Jurassic ( 200 Million Years )

Location : Loch Ness, Scotland
Size: Footprint – 4″ x 3″
Size: Matrix- 5.3″ x 3.2″ (CONCAVE)
weight: 1 pound

Nearly perfectly preserved double-sided Coelophysis footprints from the infamously notorious Loch Ness, in Scotland. Just a few miles from Urquhart Castle, there is a sedimentary deposit that yields schist, sandstones, and mudstones similar to those found in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Nova Scotia. These Scottish sedimentary deposits are also Late Triassic to Jurassic in age, and placed around the same time as the fossils that have been collected from New England. Strangely enough, they hold the same species of Dinosaurs, which means that the distribution of Coelphysis, Dilophosaurs and the Dinosaurs responsible for the Anchisauripus Footprints was much more vast than ever previously thought. These Jurassic layers also extend into Shandwick Bay in Tain, Scotland, and even possibly further east into modern day Norway and Sweden. The Scottish localities have not been studied properly since the initial discoverY of the tracks over 150 years ago, but the future preservation of these localities are quite promising.


This specimen of Coelophysis in particular was discovered by Bretton Carter, who spends much of his time studying the similarities of fossils between New England, Canada and the United Kingdom. The specimen is double-sided, one track (the larger) being a concaved impression, while the other side holds a raised convex impression of a smaller juvenile.  Bretton has made it his mission to find concrete evidence of the vast distribution of the New England Dinosaurs possibly having extended further northeast, and as of Summer 2017, he may just have done that. Stay tuned as we start to explore the hidden mysteries of Earth’s History right at our feet.


This track is not for sale, as it is still being studied and examined.

Circled in red, are approximately the locations of the Dinosaur Trackways found in Scotland, not including those found in The Isle of Skye (as those are completely different sediments). The footprints in the circled areas mirror those that are found some 3,000 + miles to the west in New England. If interested, do not hesitate to call.

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