Medicinal and Metaphysical Aspects of Rocks, Fossils and Mineral Stones

When an organism dies, it decays into the soil becoming a part of the earth. In certain situations, that doesn’t happen, and surrounding minerals take over the organic body, leaving behind a petrified 2D or a 3D trace of the organism inside a rock.

While most of us are familiar with fossils and fossilization in scientific terms, few know about the higher purpose they serve in terms of spirituality, intuition and healing. By relieving a person of the negative energy and opening up their chakra, fossils are highly revered in many cultures and groups, which is why we’re talking about their metaphysical and medicinal properties.

Here are a few!


Helpful in clearing the intestinal tract, ammonite is typically used as a companion in sports and activities related to water. Ammonite fossils come from centuries-old—now-extinct—marine animals with a spiraling structure.

The structure represents the essence of finding one’s own center and helps face the challenges of life, uncover difficult truths, and deal with repressed feelings.

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One of the highly esteemed crystals, Amethyst is known for its stunning physical structure and powers of emotional stimulation. The stone is often converted into beautiful jewelry; however, you can use it in raw form for the healing of both physical and psychological ailments.

The crystal is used to combat negative energy that often manifests itself in the form of insomnia, anxiety and harmful thoughts.

Medicinal and Metaphysical Aspects of Rocks, Fossils and Mineral Stones

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Found on the beaches Michigan in Petoskey, these pebble stones come from millions of years old fossils and are a unique treasure for stone lovers and fossil collectors. Apart from carrying monetary value, Petoskey stones ward off negative spirits and help deal with emotional trauma.

Petoskey stones are used to protect against and alleviate infectious diseases while enhancing a person’s awareness of their emotions and feelings. They are also known for its calming effect to a person dealing with a life-changing event such as death.  

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Fossils and minerals can be a wonderful healer of both physical health and mental well-being. By interacting with our body, they take away the pain and purge negative energy; however, it is important to use them with a certain balance.

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