5 Most Impressive Dinosaur Fossils Found

If you’re an archeology nut you are probably extremely fascinated by fossils and the wonder they hold. A fossil is a remainder of an ancient life and an insightful glimpse into what the world used to be. Remains of actual dinosaurs are not the only artifacts that paleontologists treasure. Trace fossils of footprints of dinosaurs can also be left behind and tell us how these animals lived millions of years ago.


Even in dinosaur fossils, some have had a greater impact in the field of paleontology and provided a more wholesome understanding of the world as we know it.

Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive dinosaur fossils found.



This is another kind of tyrannosaur found in 2012 which was a carnivorous cretaceous. It was found somewhere in Asia around fifty million years ago. One of the most peculiar things about this kind of dinosaur is that unlike the tyrannosaurs that would be discovered later, it sported a coat of feathers. This means that at some point all t-rexes had feathers, quite possibly when they were still babies.


This is one of the most fascinating of its kind and was discovered in 2000. It was found in early years and marked a new beginning in the field of paleontology when scientists were using advanced MRI scans and X-rays. This provided more accurate depictions of the anatomy of dinosaur fossils found.


This is the first of a series of dinosaurs known as “dino-birds” and was first seen in China. It was also the first time, back in 1997, when researchers spotted hair or feathers on dinosaurs. Its relation to other feathered species such as the Archaeopteryx compelled paleontologists to re-evaluate their theories about the correct time frame for the evolution of dinosaurs into birds.


This average-sized dinosaur is featured in the popular franchise “Jurassic Park” and has its origins in western America. Relatively better-preserved skeletons of baby to adult sized dinosaurs found together were a sign that some species were known for sticking together like a herd throughout.


This was the crucial connection between the transition of dinosaurs into birds which would later go on to back up Charles Darwin’s primary work “On the Origins of Species”. This species was the size of a bird and played a crucial role in putting things in perspective.

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