About Two Guys Fossils

TWO GUYS FOSSILS is as a family business that strives to acquire and supply a wide variety of fossil specimens. We are recognized as one of the nations leading experts on fossils. As fossil dealers for the past 20 years we have supplied high quality and valuable fossil specimens at the lowest prices possible to hundreds of private collectors both advanced and beginners alike around the Earth. We also supply fossils to Museums, Private Corporations, Government agencies, Religious institutions, Media, other fossil dealers and Colleges, High Schools, Elementary Schools both public and private.

Some of our customers include Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Disney Studios, Philadelphia Academy of Science, The Carnegie Museum, Arches National Park, University of Oslo in Norway Volcanol and Amusement Park in Singapore, University of Florida and many others, (to see a detailed list of our customers go to our customer listings on our web site. We have also donated fossil items and arranged a Dinosaur dig for children with a terminal illness through their hosting agencies examples Make-A-Wish-Foundation and The Juvenile Diabetes Center of San Diego. Two Guys Fossils has also loaned it’s private collection of fossil specimens to PBS to be used for their Nova series A Space Odyssey.

Two Guys Fossils Service will endeavor to maintain a friendly, honest and ethically sound business. We welcome all fossil requests and will try to locate that fossil for you or simply answer a fossil related question We have a network of fossil suppliers worldwide that supplies us with the highest quality and variety of fossils all fossils are professionally cleaned and prepared for our customers. Two Guys Fossils will clean and prepare all Dinosaur Tracks that we obtain. We encourage questions about fossils from anyone, and will share our expertise and advice. To date we have advised and consulted with many students, collectors, teachers about fossil history or starting a business like ours or whether to purchase fossils for an investment or just to start a collection as a hobby.

Two Guys Fossils certifies that the fossils you see on our web pages are real and were collected from legal lands and countries that permit the export of fossils. Four good reasons to collect and invest in fossils:

  1. A fossil is a piece of history that, in many cases, will become a family heirloom.
  2. As a straightforward investment opportunity, fossils at times may outperform many other options
  3. A fossil is a low -maintenance investment.
  4. A fossil is a functional piece of art.

Two Guys Fossils has created an area of our online catalog for FOSSIL REPRODUCTIONS. We offer these Fossil Reproductions for those of you that want a fossil but may not be able to afford a real fossil. Sometimes certain fossils are a one of a kind specimen and may be on view in a museum and will never be offered to the collector and that’s another reason for the purchase of a fossil reproduction. You can view this extensive catalog at BAY STATE REPLICAS.

Two Guys Fossils welcomes you, and now you are just one click away to see some of the best fossils for sale, so please take some time and examine all of our on-line-catalog in detail. Our catalog is graphically intense so be patient and enjoy your trip back in time. Once you’ve made your selection please use the appropriate order form. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated just e-mail or call us. We try to update our website with new fossils and other related items weekly. If you don’t have the time to spend with us then please bookmark our website and visit as often as you like.

Thank You.
Al & Carol Prandi