Chinese Chrysanthemum Stone # 88


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Chinese Chrysanthemum Stone # 88
Location -China
Size – 2 1/4″ X 3″ ( matrix )
Price- 15.00 ( comes with display box )



Chrysanthemum Stone

This is a black and white rock made up of Gypsum clay, Dolomite and Limestone, with internal crystals of Calcite, Feldspar, Celestite or Andalusite in patterns which can resemble Chrysanthemum flowers or Star Bursts or Snowflake crystals. These stones  have been found in Japan, Canada, China and the USA.


Special Historical Note:

Chrysanthemum stone ,which was shaped over 200 million years ago, is found in the rock of the bottom of Daxi River in Yonghe town, Liu Yang city, Hunan province,China. The stone contains patterns exactly like chrysanthemum, so it is called chrysanthemum stone. It is natural, rare and unparalleled. It is unique in the world.  In 1915, China exhibited one chrysanthemum stone in the International Expo held in Panama. It gained the golden prize and obtained the title of —The first in the world..


With the nickname of stone of Wealth & Honor, Chrysanthemum stone took shape as the result of severe geological changes in the Permian period 270 million years ago (prior to Dinosaur Era.)  At that time, some silt in the Sea bottom and some marine organisms sank deeply into the earth and, after several hundred million years of high temperature and high pressure formed into chrysanthemum stone.  Chrysanthemum stone mainly consists of two kind of rocks, one of them is reddish black stone, it has no nature of radiation, contains no substances harmful to human beings health.  In addition to that, the reddish black stone consists of abundant micro elements good for health, such as selenium, strontium and bismuth, etc. It originated in the overhanging cliffs and in the rapids of riverbed in the region of Three George’s.  The white of the chrsanthemum ‘flower’ contains gypsum clay, dolomite and limestone, with internal crystals of calcite, feldspar, and celestite.

With black and white sharply contrasted, the chrysanthemum stone has a smooth nature and lifelike patterns.  It appears as if glazed, felt as if jade, it is unique, rare and marvelous, the pattern on every stone is a treasure.  The layout of the patterns is easy and smooth, better than the works produced by famous Chinese painting artists.  Most of the pattern consists of chrysanthemum flowers and butterflies.  The quantity of Great Chrysanthemum stone is very small and its exploitation is very difficult.  As a result of that, the stone is very rare and their value is high.  The Chrysanthemum stone with its flowery white patterns on a black background, occurs naturally in the Hunan region of China.  It symbolizes longevity in Chinese lore.


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