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Age – Pre-Cambrian ( Est.age 2.7 Billion Years )
Location – Salt Lake of Uyuni: Oruro State, Bolivia So. America
Size – on avg. 1 1/2″ in lenght.
$ 2 each ( or 5 for $ 8 )

A rocky cushion-like mass formed by the unchecked growth of millions of lime-secreting blue-green bacteria. Stromatolites are found only in areas where other organisms that would normally keep down the bacterial numbers cannot survive, such as extremely salty bays. Such bacteria were abundant during the Proterozoic and Archaean eons, perhaps from as early as 3900 million years ago. The white rings of fossilized microorganisms found in rocks of this age are the remains of stromatolites.

FYI: These are domed limestone structures that have compact, curving layers. “Live” fossils were formed when grains of sediment were trapped on the algaeā€™s sticky surfaces. That is why you see the curvy lines which is a result of laminated domes and multiple layers of mineral replacements. Even though stromatolites developed in an environment lacking in oxygen they produced and released vital oxygen which became an abundant gas in the atmosphere for the first time. Stromatolites vary in size from a few centimeters to three feet in diameter.

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