Dinosaur Set # 2


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Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Set

The ultimate reference / study set, compiled by ourselves and suitable for teachers, children, school use and collectors. This 11 piece collection includes…
– 1/40 scale model of a Ankylosaur. 7 1/2″ long & 2″ tall.
– Genuine Ankylosaurus Tooth (avg.1/4″) Fossil Tooth in a display case.
– Genuine Dinosaur Eggshell (avg. 3/8 “). 1 piece
– Genuine Dinosaur Bone Fragments (avg.1″). 3 pieces.
– Genuine Dinosaur Gastrolith (avg.1/2″).
– Geological Time Table.
– Information from the Black Hills Geological Survey in the Bad Lands of South Dakota offering a brief but complete history of Dinosaurs.
Also to make this set as complete as possible we are including four items connected with the Dinosaur Extinction and a bonus piece of volcanic Pumice stone; the only rock that floats on water…
– Genuine Iron Meteorites (avg.1/8″). Many fragments.
– Sample of the KT Boundary material (avg.1/2″) Four Pieces.
– Volcanic Obsidian (avg.1/2”) & Bonus Pumice specimen (avg.1″).
All specimens are accompanied with identification including location and age, and details about


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