Fluorite Octohedrons Crystals # 30


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Fluorite Octohedrons Crystals  # 30
Size: avg 1/4 to 3/4″ point to point up to 1/4″ x 3/4″ point to point
Price: $ 50.00  ( for the entire lot of 90 stones )


  • Fluorite is the most popular mineral for mineral collectors in the world, second only to quartz. Every mineral collection owned by even the newest and youngest of mineral collectors must have a specimen of fluorite. Fluorite is by far one of the most beautiful and interesting minerals available on the mineral markets. –Color is extremely variable and many times can be an intense purple, blue, green or yellow; also colorless, reddish orange, pink, white and brown. A single crystal can be multi-colored.


         Crystals are transparent to translucent.


  • Crystal Habits include the typical cube and to a lesser extent, the octahedron as well as combinations of these two and other rarer isometric habits. Always with equant crystals; less common are crusts and botryoidal forms. Twinning also produces penetration twins that look like two cubes grown together.
  • Cleavage is perfect in 4 directions forming octahedrons.
  • Hardness is 4
  • Other Characteristics: Often fluorescent blue or more rarely green, white, red or violet and may bethermoluminescentphosphorescent and triboluminescent.
  • Associated Minerals are many and include calcitequartzwillemitebaritewitheriteapatitechalcopyrite,galenasphaleritepyrite and other sulfides.
  • Notable Occurrences include in addition to those mentioned above Cumberland, England; Spain; China; Brazil; Morocco; Bancroft, Ontario, Canada; Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico; Germany; Elmwood, Tennessee; Rosiclare, Illinois; Fort Wayne, Indiana; Pugh Quarry and Wood County, Ohio; Nancy Hanks Mine, Colorado and many other USA localities as well as many other localities from around the world.






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