Spinosaurus Aegypticus aka Spiny Reptile #232
Age: Early Cretaceous ( 113 million years )
Location: Taouz , Sahara Desert , Morocco
Size: 1 7/8 ” long

Spinosaurus was an unusual -looking Carnosaur ( that ate fish and marine animals ) with a tall sail of skin running along its back from the shoulders to the base of the tail .The Sail may have helped this giant dinosaur regulate its body temperature ,as did the skin sail so other dinosaurs and reptiles ie.Dimetrodon of the triassic age.. Turned toward the Sun in the cool of morning temperatures the vein -rich sail would have absorbed heat quickly and then turned away from the sun at mid-day the Spinosaur would have quickly vented potentially dangerous excess heat.
This Dinosaur was at least 40 feet long ,but was lightly built and less powerful than the Allosaurs that shared it’s African home.
The skin sail was supported by strong spines of up to 6 foot high extending from the backbone . The teeth were unusual for this size animal they are straight ( as you can see) rather then curved like allosaurus or T-rex.


Update we just received our supply of dinosaur teeth for this year which was 500 teeth all sizes, but going 3 inches longer or shorter. These teeth have cracks due to shipping , that have been repaired or what we consider a b grade tooth and we plan to put them on ebay as soon as possible ..

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Dimensions 1.78 in