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A popular selection of varied natural fossils from locations world-wide. Each specimen is hand-picked for it’s representation and visual attraction. 49 Specimens will measure between 0.25″ and 3″. The below images illustrate the available sets. Great beginner specimens at a great low price.


Updated Fossil Set 49 piece set

(1) Trilobite (Ordovician Age) Morocco
(2) Brachiopod (Devonian Age) Canada
(3) Gastropod (Cretaceous Age ) Utah
(4) Petrified Wood (Miocene Age) Arizona
(5) Copal (Pleistocene Age) Columbia So.America
(6) Loose Shark Teeth (Cretaceous Age) Morocco
(7) Dinosaur Egg Shell (Cretaceous Age) Argentina
(8) Ammonite (Silurian Age) Morocco
(9) Orthoceras (Silurian Age) Morocco
(10) Crinoid Stems (Mississippian Age) Texas
(11) Oreodont Partial Bone  (Oligocene Age) Nebraska
(12) Sea Urchin (Ordovician Age) Peru, South America
(13) Mammoth Ivory (Pleistocene Age) Russia
(14) Kainops Trilobite Head (Devonian Age) Oklahoma
(15) Stromatolite (Eocene Age) Wyoming
(16) Fossil Fish (Pliocene Age) China
(17) Dinosaur Bone (Jurassic Age) Wyoming
(18) Echinoid (Cretaceous Age) Texas
(19) Belemnite (Jurassic Age) Wyoming
(20) Blastoid (Miss. Age) Texas
(21) Mosasaur Tooth (Cretaceous Age) Morocco
(22) Ammonite  (Cretaceous Age) Peru
(23) Sting Ray Crusher Teeth ( Cretaceous Age) Morocco
(24) Archimedes Bryozoan (Ordovician Age) Oklahoma.
(25) Bivalve ( Ordovician Age ) China
(26) Fern Fossil (Carboniferous Age) Pa.
(27) Graptolites (Ordovician Age) New York
(28) Ammonite Sliced (Silurian Age) Morocco
(29) Fish Fossil (Cretaceous Age) Brazil
(30) Mammoth Bone (Pleistocene Age) Alaska
(31) Puffer Fish Mouth Plates (Miocene Age) Florida
(32) Insect Fossil ( Eocene Age ) Colorado
(33) Amphibian Bones (Permian Age) Oklahoma
(34) Partial Spinosaurus Dinosaur Tooth (Cretaceous Age) Morocco
(35) Partial Turtle Shell (Miocene Age) Florida
(36) Horn Coral (Ordovician Age) Indiana
(37) Gastrolith ( Jurassic Age ) Wyoming
(38) Mixed Sponges (Pennsylvania Age) Texas
(39) Blind trilobite (Cambrian Age) Utah
(40) Gastropod (Silurian Age) Mexico
(41) Porpoise Ear Bone ( Miocene Age ) Maryland
(42) Branch Coral ( Ordovician. Age) Kentucky
(43) Texagryphaea (Cretaceous Age) Texas
(44) Leaf Fossil ( Eocene Age) Colorado
(45) Mammoth Tooth Section ( Pleistocene Age ) Alaska
(46) KT Boundry Material ( Cret/Paleocene Age ) Canada
(47) Huntonia Trilobite Head( Devonian Age ) Oklahoma
(48) LeBachia piniformis ( Penn. Age ) Kansas
(49) Glossopteris Leaf ( Permian Age ) Australia
Plus 1 bonus specimen of our choice.
Plus this pamphlet on  ( WHAT IS A FOSSIL )

While we strive to keep the contents of this set as listed, we must reserve the right to substitute specimens when needed.
Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

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