Morocco Selenite Rod # 1


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Selenite Rod  Crystal
Location: Morocco
Size: 7 ” long  x 2 1/4 ”
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Note: This specimen is known as Satin Spar.Many gift items can be made from this mineral  as you see by the smaller pictures .

What is Selenite ?

satin spar, desert rose, and gypsum flower are four varieties of the mineral gypsum; all four varieties show obvious crystalline structure. The four “crystalline” varieties of gypsum are sometimes grouped together and called selenite.

  • All varieties of gypsum, including selenite and alabaster, are composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate (meaning has two molecules of water), with the chemical formula CaSO4·2H2O. Selenite contains no significant selenium; the similarity of names comes from both substances being named from the Ancient Greek word for the Moon.most often transparent and colorless: it is named after Greek σεληνη= “the moon“.
  • if selenite crystals show translucencyopacity, and/or color, it is caused by the presence of other minerals including druse (a coating of small crystal points)
  • druse is the crust of tiny, minute, or micro crystals that form or fuse either within or upon the surface of a rock vuggeode, or another crystal

Satin spar

  • most often silkyfibrous, and translucent (pearly, milky); can exhibit some coloration
  • the satin spar name can also be applied to fibrous calcite (a related calcium mineral) – calcite is a harder mineral – and feels greasier, waxier, or oilier to the touch.This Specimen shaped into a Sphere or egg  when angled to a light source will show off a streak similar to Moonstone.or a Cat’s Eye .


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