Shark Megalodon Tooth # 80 SOLD OUT



Species: Carcharodon Megalodon # 80
Age -Miocene ( 4-24 Million years old )
Location – Copper River, South Carolina
Size -5 7/8 ” long
Price $ 600

Note:  The last small picture gives you an artist idea of what  the Megalodon might have looked like when alive. Just to make a point a modern Great White has a 3″ tooth as it’s largest tooth in it’s mouth so can you imagine being chased by a shark with a 6 ” tooth !!!!! Also  the record size  for a Great White Shark today is about 22 feet long  so based on the size of this fossil tooth  the shark that had this tooth must have been double in size somewhere around 45 foot long !!!! There are some marine biologists that are  searching for a Megalodon  today in many of the ocean’s, and to date  no  definite proof of Megalodon is alive and well.. If you saw the movie Jaws  the Megalodon if it were alive would dwarf the great white you saw in the movie!!!!

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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in