What Is A Trilobite # 1 (2015 )




The ultimate reference / study set, compiled by ourselves and suitable for teachers, children, school use and collectors. This 8 piece collection includes a life size model of a Trilobite 3″ long with display stand, and 5 real fossil trilobites. one in a display box as you can see, one imbedded in the rock and the others loose and ready for handling. We also include documentation by the Black Hills Geological Survey in the Bad Lands of South Dakota offering a brief but complete history of trilobites. All trilobite specimens are accompanied with identification including location and age and a geologic time table.

Summary of Contents…
1 x Trilobite model with stand
1 x Genuine Calymene trilobite, Avg.Size 1.5″
1 x Genuine Perinopsis trilobite. Size 1/4″
1 x Genuine Elrathia trilobite. Size 1″ ( with display box )
1 x Genuine Huntonia partial trilobite . Size 1″
1 x Genuine Proetus trilobite. Size 1″
1 x Booklet “What Is A Trilobite”.

Note: comes with  listed details as to age of the trilobites and where they come from.
Calymene trilobite- Age: Ordovician  Loc: Morocco
Perinopsis trilobite – Age: Cambrian  Loc: Utah
Elrathia trilobite      – Age: Cambrian  Loc: Utah
Huntonia trilobite; –  Age: Devonian  Loc: Oklahoma
Proetus trilobite    – Age:  Devonian   Loc: Morocco

Special Note:  All trilobites became extinct  at the end of the Permian Age about 200 million years  just before the Dinosaurs appeared.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in