Woolly Mammoth Set # 2


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The ultimate reference / study set, compiled by ourselves and suitable for teachers, children, school use and collectors. This 8 piece collection includes a life size model of a Mammoth scaled at 1:24 made of solid plastic, 7.5″ long. Plus real Fossil Mammoth remains; Hair, Tusk sections, Bone, and a Tooth section, all in a display case . We also will include all information relating to the Mammoth plus all fossils will be identified with age, location.

Woolly Mammoth Model. 7.5″ long.
Woolly Mammoth Bone (Skull) Fragment
Woolly Mammoth Tooth Section
Woolly Mammoth Hair Sample
Woolly Mammoth Tusk (Ivory) Section
Size: of case 4″ x 5″

Each specimen measures approx. 1.25″ across and supplied collectively cased in a sturdy riker mount display case with illustrated I.D. Label (on reverse) which keeps them safe and suitable for display. Postage Stamp not included.

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